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The True Cost of Owning a Commercial Electric Van

The high cost of purchasing an electric van may seem daunting for first-time buyers, whether you run a small business with a couple of fleet vehicles or manage a large fleet aiming to comply with the Government’s 2035 zero emissions mandate. Despite this, opting for a commercial electric van offers numerous advantages:


Initial Purchase Price of Electric Vans:


  • When purchasing an electric van, consider that the total cost of ownership is not solely defined by the initial price tag.
  • While the upfront cost may be higher, electric vans have fewer engine components, leading to reduced service expenses compared to internal combustion engine vehicles.
  • Electric vans eliminate expenses such as oil filter replacements and exhaust system repairs.

Electric Van Running Costs in the UK:


  • Transitioning to electric vans can be cost-effective for your business when you understand the various costs involved.
  • Consider factors like charging costs, servicing costs for electric components, maintenance expenses, and potential taxes, insurance, and battery replacement costs.

Government Incentives for Electric Vehicles:


  • Although government incentives for electric cars ceased in 2022, the UK government continues to offer a plug-in van and truck grant until 31 March 2025.
  • Electric vans are currently exempt from the London Congestion Charge, but this exemption is set to expire in December 2025.
  • Maxus electric vans like the eDeliver models are eligible for government incentives.

Electric Van Charging Costs:


  • Business owners should include electric van charging costs in their budget, considering factors like energy prices and the installation of charging stations.
  • Utilize government incentives to set up charging stations at your business to mitigate public recharging expenses.
  • Maxus commercial vans come equipped with the Maxus Intelligence Onboard system to facilitate tracking and comparison of energy consumption.

Electric Vehicle Battery Life and Replacement Costs:


  • The battery is a crucial and costly component of electric vans, and its replacement cost should be factored into ownership expenses.
  • Maxus commercial electric vans offer various battery options with an eight-year warranty on the high-voltage battery.

Electric Van Maintenance Costs:


  • Electric vans typically have lower maintenance costs due to fewer moving parts and less frequent servicing.
  • Benefits include no oil changes, regenerative braking system reducing brake wear, and fewer filter replacements compared to traditional engines.

Tax Benefits for Electric Vans:


  • Electric vans in the UK enjoy tax advantages such as zero road tax and reduced Benefit-in-Kind tax rates, making them a financially attractive option for businesses.

Electric Van Insurance Costs:


  • Insurance costs for electric vans vary based on factors like model, battery replacement coverage, repair availability, and repair costs.
  • While insurance costs may be comparable to or slightly higher than ICE vehicles, the savings on running costs can offset any difference.

Financing Options for Switching to Electric Vans:


  • Explore financing options such as government grants, electric van leasing, and hire purchase agreements to make electric vans more affordable.
  • Consider all available options to find a solution that aligns with your budget and operational requirements.

Maxus electric commercial vans offer reliability, flexibility, and nationwide support, making them an ideal choice for fleets.  Contact us discuss the cost of transitioning to electric vans.

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